Thanks for taking a minute to stop by my website and thank you even MORE for wanting to come and find out a few things about little ol’ moi! Let’s see what fun and off the wall facts I can share with you about myself.

Like about 95% of America, I’m addicted to Starbucks. What can I say, a latte just keeps me going! The beach is my all time favorite place to be, if it’s a warm and sunny day, just look for me there – I’m the one in the big floppy hat. I’m fairly certain that the greatest invention of all time is the iPhone…what did we do without the world at our fingertips 24/7 before?

Keep an eye out for suspicious extra baggage when I travel…I’m obsessed with shoes, and I’ll probably have at least three pairs for every day that I’m traveling. I openly embrace my girly side by wearing something pink every day! I adore jewelry from Tiffany’s, super cute paper products and stationery, and curling up with a great book, especially when I have some salt and vinegar potato chips to snack on.

The boy in the photo with me is my handsome, smart and incredibly funny child and he holds the key to my heart.  If you get to know me, you’ll definitely meet him as he’s always around, charming my friends and clients.  Well, that’s enough about me, I look forward to helping you create images that will adorn your walls for a lifetime.

Have a shiny, sparkly day!!